OATMEAL cuz what else?
OATMEAL cuz what else?

HEY HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today was awesome in every sense of the word. Today I am much more proud of what I fed myself than last week. I fueled my body properly today.
Breakfast. The day began with a 7 am alarm as I worked at 9. When I woke up, I was greeted with the workout bug! I genuinely really wanted to work out. So I did some yoga, treadmill, lower body, and stretching and it honestly felt wonderful. I wasn’t focused on calorie burning at all, it was just fun! Of course I worked up a great appetite and needed to fuel my work day, so I drank a bunch of green tea and lemon water, and had a GIANT– picture doesn’t do it justice– bowl of cacao oatmeal with maple syrup (Canadian eh?) and sunflower seed butter cooked in coconut milk.
Lunch. I worked hard and made time and a half on an easy five hour shift, downed four mugs of coffee in the process, and loved every bite of my cora’s lunch at the end of my shift– a vegetable stir fry with potatoes at the bottom.
Snack. I got home from work and passed out. I was exhausted! I haven’t been sleeping much more than 4 hours each night lately which I am not used to! I’m a little nervous about my dependency on coffee. Nonetheless, the nap did me well. I spent the afternoon reading, writing, netflixing, meditating, and enjoying a few snacks: blueberry banana “ice cream” with homemade cacao sauce and peanut butter and flaxseed, as well as cinnamon roasted chickpeas (in a mug, of course).
Everything's better in a mug.
Everything’s better in a mug.

Dinner. Sara was on her way to pick me up for Canada Day festivities soon and for some reason, my stomach was killing me. I knew I couldn’t skip dinner so I had a small one and promised myself I would have a snack no matter how late I got home. I had a half chicken breasts cooked in grapeseed oil with mustard on a whole grain bun.
Snack. Sara and I went to Columbia Lake with a group of friends for Canada Day, and I felt like I saw everyone I’d ever known! It was such a blast and the fireworks were incredible. I was met with some negative thoughts but relied on the company of great people and some of my therapy reminders to stay present. I got home at around one in the morning and stuck to my promise, even though late night eating can be really difficult for me.
Old snack, new day
Old snack, new day

It’s after 2 am and I’m blogging while eating this. Yep, I’m pretty darn proud. I know that especially with a long work day, lots of walking around, and a workout, I need substantial food. I am getting stronger every single day.

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