Yoga has helped me to take the focus of movement away from the things I dislike about my body, and to appreciate what my body does for me.
Yoga has helped me to take the focus of movement away from the things I dislike about my body, and to appreciate what my body does for me.

HAPPY MONDAY! I am so excited to be publishing my first blog post. Bear with me as I navigate this new world, if you don’t mind. I am honoured to have you tagging along for a while.
How was your Monday? I had a pretty lovely one. I wrote my last exam of high school, had a really eye-opening therapy session, and met up with my best friend Daniella for dinner. It was one of those great days in which I just felt productive, besides being extremely tired. That’s where coffee comes in.
The therapy session got me thinking a lot about mental health, and how important it is for everyone. Thus, today’s topic is motivating oneself to have personal meditation time. Ooh, sounds like a fancy doctor term. Does it draw any images to mind? Maybe monks or hardcore yogis?
Personal meditation can look very different for everyone, but finding a form of it that you can fit into your own daily lifestyle is so important for mental health. Let’s look at a few different forms of meditation.
Yoga. That picture above is of me striking a pose on a trail. Sometimes getting outdoors is meditation in itself. Gently moving your body and focusing on the senses connects you back to yourself and away from a hectic life.
one god one plan
My current devotional; highly recommended.

Devotion. This doesn’t have to be religious. Personally, I have daily prayer time, and read a devotional each night before falling asleep. The focus on God’s Word really grounds me and gives me a focus for my day. A non-religious practice may be a book such as Chicken Soup for the Soul. 
Hobbies. Singing, reading, playing sports, etc. My personal meditation hobby is baking. I blast music and take the kitchen for my own, and pretty soon I gain perspective. Sometimes you just need to take your mind off things.
Coffee Dates. Or cookie dates. Or dinner dates. Or roller skater dates. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as it’s with someone you trust. Oftentimes, getting out with a close friend and just talking/ranting/venting is exactly the kind of rejuvenation you need. I have a friend named Sara, and she is an angel from above. We have weekly coffee dates set aside for the sole purpose of talking through our struggles.
Sara and I... isn't she lovely?
Sara and I… isn’t she lovely? You’ll hear more about Sara, Daniella, and many other friends in the near future.

Journaling. Write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense– just don’t let the pen leave the paper. You’ll remove a stream of conscience you didn’t even realize existed.
Once you get yourself into the habit of adding one or a few of these mediation practices to your everyday life, you’ll notice the benefits and suffer in their absence.
Your turn…
Is there something I missed? What do you do to meditate? 
What keeps you motivated to invest in yourself?

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